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Textile Workshops

Madder, Mordant and Modifier.

Working with pure wool and mordants (pre dye) and modifiers (post dye) to achieve twentyfive shades of naturally complementary reds from one dye pot. This is aimed at natural dyers with previous experience looking to expand their knowledge of the process. Split over two days , one for mordant and one for dye and modifier, this workshop opens up the alchemy of natural dyeing. 

Eco-printing on silk.

An introduction into the pleasures of eco printing with flowers and leaves. A day workshop where the participants leave with their own unique scarf. 

Transfer dyes and the Heat Press Introduction.

Create a crisp detail print from easy to prepare materials. Explore how to layer  off prints using paper, plants and fabric. An exciting and fun class which focuses on play and discovery. Full day workshop delivered to groups of six maximum. 

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