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Wild Swans; Abridged

Wild Swans; Abridged; 240x159x166cm installation.


Nepalese nettle yarn rough, 2016; Nepalese nettle yarn fine 2017; Silk and Ramie (a type of nettle) blend yarn.


Knitted and crocheted across Scotland on various adventures of discovery. Dyke, Forres, Elgin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, the North Sea, Lerwick and Stornoway.


Through the many variations of the Hans Christen Anderson tale, Wild Swans, as a metaphor of metamorphosis and hero journey, I explore the migration of stories, traditions and skills along trade routes.

Nettle has association around the world with protection from the unseen and evil along with being a source of natural healing through ingestion. Wild nettle patches are an indicator of previous human habitation as they were a staple source of food, medicine and textile fibre for our ancestors.

Degree show 2018 Moray School of Art, UHI

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