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The ongoing work ‘Queer Coding: Proudness’ developed from an identity based social art project run with the HISA LGBT+ Moray Student Group, the information was gathered at Proudness 2019. It is intended to show how people identify through multiple and overlapping areas not just the LGBT+ spectrum, giving participants a more rounded view of themselves and others.

The skeins are the artifacts of individual maps connecting points of identity drawn in yarn during the project. Removed from the signposted legend they are unidentifiable to the specific person. They are presented on doors salvaged from my first adult wardrobe. Participants were offered a choice of colours from the best know flags representing our diverse community.

The stitched work is in progress. Taken from the anonymous data gathered it has been reconfigured into a new visual code representing the Proudness 2019 participants. Of the fifty-five people who took part with the project on the day, only twenty-one are stitched so far, the finished piece will be over three meters in length.

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