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Acorn Rhythms, 2016

Acorn Rhythms; 180x90cm.


Silk, cotton, wool, linen, acorns, willow, broom, wool, iron.

The local folklore of trees and plants expounding the duality of beneficial and harmful traits (once so critical to our survival), is an area of interest to me along with their natural dyeing properties.

Within Acorn Rhythms, the downward movement of rain (running stitches sewn with repurposed bundling thread) and the opposing upward growth (wicking of the acorn dye) echo growth cycles.

There are traces of my movements in the creases left after unbundling and dirt transference from the flood damaged willow, stabilizing the fluid fabric.

It was also conceived as a challenge to the ecologically unsound chemical dye dependence of modern society.

Exhibited in  'Strands of Time', Edinburgh Palette, Gallery 3 - Future, as a selected student with edge textile artists Scotland  2016

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