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The twin rope beds ‘Twin Transgressions’ were developed from my interest in folk and fairy tales, focusing on transformative and transgressive tales. Many of the previously common Trans and Drag protagonists in the tales were gathered and edited, then modified or erased, to reflect what was acceptable in society at the time. This is now being challenged and contemporary authors and storytellers are reclaiming and reworking tales to normalise gender and sexual variations at a fundamental cultural level.

The grass used for the rope was gathered over the week of the winter equinox from fields around Macbeths’ hillock where he met the three witches. Wrapped in protective red thread and conductive copper it represents support and safety. Based on historic rope beds of the ‘night night, sleep tight’ rhyme. The wood used is from a deconstructed children’s single divan, rough and unfinished underneath its’ cover. The ubiquitous pyjama trousers are made from this original covering including the wear and memories absorbed.

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